At Data IQ we have been delivering value through data for 13 years

We not only implement Business Intelligence solutions to successfully solve data management problems, but our advisors have a career plan supported by certifications and participation in multiple projects.

With more than 430 analytic projects executed, we are confident that if you have a data problem, we have a solution.

  • Data IQ signs an alliance to be a Qlik Master Reseller in Mexico.
  • Exclusive sale of Qlik licensing and services
  • Period of great growth
  • Direct sales and through partners
  • Qlik opens the market to more partners
  • Elevanto is created for Qlik's direct sales
  • Data IQ sells Qlik through partners
  • Operation of two independent companies
  • Data IQ becomes Qlik's exclusive wholesaler
  • Elevanto becomes a Qlik Solution Provider
  • Data management solutions are added to the Data IQ portfolio
  • Data IQ merges with Elevanto
  • Focus on direct customer service
  • Data IQ maintains strategic alliances with partners
  • Increased portfolio of solutions
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