A modern data warehouse built
specifically for the cloud

Free your data from the constraints of the past through a modern data architecture with performance improvements, and simultaneously unify, analyze, and share your data with suppliers, partners, and customers from a global network.

Increases performance up to 200 times
for one-tenth of the regular cost on the market

Analyze large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.
Snowflake has the ability to drill down to all levels of data to get answers quickly, no matter how many users are querying.

The cloud is more secure than on-premises solutions

Snowflake provides security through different means of user authentication:
Data encryption, access control through keys, and authentication through third parties.

Key aspects of Snowflake

Quickly analyze large amounts of data

Cloud data storage offers a variety of dynamic, lag-free processing resources.

With the right type of cloud data warehouse, you can define and start a new data network in just a few minutes.

Through this new data warehouse system, you receive predefined processes that can be activated whenever you want.

It's time to discover the advantages that Snowflake provides! With an unlimited number of queries and users, you can increase the concurrency of your processes, making them more efficient from a single space in the cloud.

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